Training of PPMVS on Youth Friendly Health Services, Referrals and Linakages.

Training of PPMVS on Youth Friendly Health Services, Referrals and Linakages.

In Nigeria, informal providers in the private healthcare sector, and in particular owner-operated drug shops called Patent and Proprietary Medicine Vendors (PPMVs), are an important source of health care. PPMVs are located close to communities and are often the first source of care for family planning. On 22nd of June 2019 the International Centre for Sexual Reproductive Rights implemented one day training for 30 PPMVs (15 at Suleja and 15 at Bida), 5 females and 10 males at Suleja, 6 females and 9males at Bida, respectively. The goal of the training was to improve participants’ skills in providing family planning services to young people including inter personal communication and counseling.

The objective of the training was to update participant’s knowledge on family planning/ adolescents and youth sexual reproductive health information and services, to improve participant’s knowledge on role and responsibilities on FP/ adolescents and youth sexual reproductive health and services delivery, build capacity of participants on inter personal communication and counseling, to educate participants on family planning/ adolescent and youth sexual reproductive health services and referrals and linkages, introduce participants to data collection and management.

The activity’s goal was met both at Suleja and Bida respectively, as proven by the result of the post–test that was administered to assess the knowledge of the participants after training. The teams were able to correct wrong mind set on Family Planning and educate the participants on Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights of adolescents and youths.

The participants were equipped with knowledge on Life Planning for adolescents and youth, the importance, and the Family Planning methods appropriate for Adolescents and Youths.

The training also addressed the role of PPMVs on Family Planning service delivery, AYSRH referrals and linkages. We had discussions on the limits of the PPMVs and youth friendly health centres they can refer cases to.

The team also built the capacities of the PPMVs present on use of SBCC materials for client education, data collection methodology and effective counselling skills for young people who approach them.

This project was supported by The Challenge Initiative (TCI). The Challenge Initiative is led by the Bill & Melinda Gates Institute for Population and Reproductive Health, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. The Initiative represents an exciting new approach to providing life-saving reproductive health and family planning information and services to individuals, families and communities, building on the demonstrated success of the Gates Foundation’s Urban Reproductive Health Initiative (URHI).


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