*Supporting Young People During the Lockdown* 

*Supporting Young People During the Lockdown* 


INCRESE sprung into awareness creation and education since February to enable the young people in our centre understand the issues regarding Corona Virus.

Even though there were rumours that the virus could not thrive in temperate regions and the religious part of us kept issuing prophesies about the end of the virus, we continued to provide information and updates to our partners. The issue gained more attention when Niger State announced that the State was going to be locked down indefinitely. This has been the case since the past two weeks.

We have been working with the young people, giving them updates, debunking rumours and most of all encouraging them to spend the weeks of lockdown meaningfully and productively.

Below is an article written by one of the youths affiliated to our project. This is how he has chosen to channel his energy, emotions and time during these weeks of social media frenzy when truth has become scarce.

The opinions expressed in the article below from the author and do not necessarily represent INCRESE.

 Click to download 5G Rant Version…….Written by Anonymous

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