Information Is Power

Information Is Power

I remember 13years ago when I use to captain my school’s football team, I was so good I only trained with the male team. And then one day we had a tough match with a science school female football team, fortunately, close to the end of the match, my school got a penalty and as the captain and best player, my coach confidently asked me to do the team the honor of winning the game with just this one goal.

 I could see the expectation in everyone’s face and with no doubt of my delivery I kicked the ball, but the goal keeper hit the ball right back at me, unfortunately, I thought once you missed a penalty that was over, with the disappointment on everyone’s face, I was angry that I failed them, and as the ball made its way back to me, I angrily kicked it above the poll, little did I know that when such happens during a game you still stand a chance of scoring. I wasn’t informed, i didn’t know and that affected my decision which affected the game result in the end.

This is the same thing that happens to our young adolescents living with disabilities when they do not have access to adequate and accurate information about their sexual reproductive health and rights to assist them make informed decisions about their health and rights.

For years, persons with disabilities have been treated less and denied access to SRHR information, with lack of access to health facilities, forced marriages, forced sterilizations and forced abortions, leaving them uninformed on matters related to their sexuality. This has to change, this has to be corrected, they are part of our community, they are human and they have rights too.

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