Change Minds, Preachings And Policies That Promote Hate And Violence

Change Minds, Preachings And Policies That Promote Hate And Violence

Growing up, my favorite words were “God is Love” and I’ve been wondering why our own religious leaders preach to promote hate and violence among the children of God on the basis of love, and why the government that vowed to protect all citizens, ensure peace and prosperity instead develop policies and laws that promote hate, discrimination and violence among citizens of the country.

Where, when and how did we all lose it? In a country where it is serious business to debate if some individuals deserve to have rights? In a country where politicians proudly rob the nation of its wealth and bright future?  A country where disability is a limitation?! Where gender identity is used to evaluate the worth of a person?  A country where you can get discriminated against because of the church you attend?! A country where everyone is discriminated against for one reason or the other?

I say unto you, until we no longer see ourselves as superior to others because of their looks, birth conditions ordifference, until we speak for the voiceless and individuals whose rights have been ripped away, until we accept and respect individual differences,  until we see how unfair it is to take away people’s rights and dehumanize them,  stigmatize and discriminate against them because of their gender, sexual orientation, age, race, marital status, socioeconomic status or because of their disabilities, we cannot achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

Until we see beyond our comfort zone and not only share the pains of others but equally develop strategies to fight this hate promoting teachings and policies, until we realize that the next victim of the hate, discrimination and violence might be our neighbor, our family member or someone dear to our heart, until our picture of a better world includes everyone equal treatment, until we can look ourselves in the mirror with the satisfaction that we’ve done all we can for this generation and the next, we cannot be equally ranked with developed countries.

It is our duty to fight for the betterment of our dear country and the world at large, starting from us teaching our hearts how to love and respect, and then extending it to our little communities.

I say no to preaching that insinuates God doesn’t love all His creatures equally.
I say no to preaching that plant hate and violence in hearts of people.
I say no to laws and policies that promote hate and discrimination among people.
I say no to criminalization on the basis of love.
I say no to discrimination and stigmatization of people living with disabilities.
I say no to gender based violence.
I say no to child slavery.
I say no to early marriage.

I say no to child abuse.
I say no to gender inequality.
All human rights are equal.
All human rights are indivisible.
All human are born free and equal in dignity and rights.

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