Can men be feminists?

Can men be feminists?

Everyday, I find a reason to distrust the poster children of minority struggles in Africa.
From queer communities, to feminism and gender equality.

Call it reckless stereotyping, but it is my belief that a black man rarely does something without having his gain in focus.

For every time he shout “girls should be allowed to go to school” a black man has calculated how much access and gain he can acquire by posturing.

For this reason, I’ve come to the conclusion that the African, especially Nigerian activism space is saturated with performers.

So, let’s say for instance you’re passionate about gender parity. I’d advise you to question why a person who stands to lose privilege if gender parity ever becomes a reality has come out in support of a system that seeks to disrupt the power structure such a person benefits from.

If you’re queer, question while a heterosexual person has come out to support your struggle.

Question and approach everything your allies say with utmost suspicion.

Stop taking people at face value when you’re naturally or systemically at the disadvantage.

I am a woman who believes in my equality with men. In the past I took many performative feminists at face value only to be hurt by their veiled misogyny. For me, this played out more in the workspace.

For this reason, I have made it a point to listen to what’s rarely said when I meet a man or Christian who supports the ideals of feminism.
I do this because human nature rarely betrays privilege, no matter how worthy the cause is.

I can stand men who believe women are less human being asses. With them I know where I stand. But I would rather serve a patriarchal prince on my knees than welcome a snake into my space.
And people to play to the gallery are snakes.

So, check every single one of your MCMs and WCWs who are the poster children of activism in your communities and make sure a snake is not masking greed and bile by fronting a cause you’re passionate about for gain.

Nobody should use something that is akin to your purpose for photo props and gain.

By Andrea Vanen Kwen on Facebook, April 20, 2020


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