Hajia Sadiq: 300-word fiction in celebration of the Girl Child Day

Participants, INCRESE Workshop for the Girl Child

By Amatesiro Dore Ruwa knew twenty-two-year-old Shamsee was going to be her husband as soon as she saw the red bricks of the main house, the spacious guard-house, adjoining toilet with running water, a small lot fit for a kitchen farm, and an unused neighbouring land without a fence, suitable for planting and grazing animals. […]

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Adolescent Theatre: Domestic Violence and VVF in Northern Nigeria

Two Shows at Kampala

By Amatesiro Dore The shows are site-specific: Kampala, a Gbagyi village on the outskirt of Maikunkele, the suburb where the airport in Minna is located. The language is Hausa, the lingua franca of northern Nigeria and passport to the soul of the people. The first performance is an unspoken dance drama. The drumbeat of Joshua […]

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The Hajara Usman Girls Leadership Programme: A Legacy Continued

Hajara Usman Girls Leadership Programme, Class of 2016, Graduation Day

By Amatesiro Dore Hajara Usman lived in a world without Facebook, Twitter and other platforms for social media activism. At the time of her untimely death, in 1998, she was a celebrated doyen of women rights in northern Nigeria and the global Islamic world. Nowadays, her namesake is a popular Hausa movie industry, Kannywood, actress […]

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Challenging Nigeria’s Sexual Taboos


The BBC World Service “I Challenge” series looks at individuals around the world who have challenged authority, traditions and beliefs in the face of enormous odds. Here, Dorothy Aken’Ova, a Nigerian sexual health worker, tells the BBC’s Linda Pressly how sex education can help reduce domestic violence and discrimination in her country. Dorothy believes in […]

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